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Ever wondered about your “Financial Health”?
Our simple Financial Checkup can get you started!

The past couple of years have been tough. Where are you financially? Is your retirement on track? Can I send my kids to college? Am I saving enough? What should I do! A financial checkup from a Certified Financial Planner can help, and with my limited time special at half price…..NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT!

The $49.95 Financial Checkup!!

This checkup is a great starting point to let you know what you need to do to improve your financial health. One-on-one personal advice (without a sales pitch) to help you make sound decisions on your financial plans. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your finances and receive advice on what to do next.

Our Price: $49.95
List Price: $99.95

My goal is to make unbiased financial advice available to everyone! I serve people at all income levels, from all walks of life. Clients have the ability to work with me on either a one time, as needed basis or on an ongoing basis. I have special packages for most common financial topics that range from $100-$500. Ask about packages for 401(k) investments, retirement plans, portfolio design, social security, debt reduction and budgets, mortgages and more! Pricing depends on the level of complexity of your situation. You always get your price in writing before we start.

I welcome clients who simply need a one time consultation or a second opinion, as well as those who need comprehensive financial planning and possible asset management services.

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Wayne M. Blanchard, CFP
Money Professionals
“We help our clients make the most of the only life they have.”

Money Professionals is a marketing name only. Financial planning advice and investment advisory services are provided by Money Professionals Group, a Registered Investment Advisory firm by the State of Florida. Money Professionals Group does not solicit business outside the state of Florida.

Maybe You Need to Look at a Different Approach…

You have heard it all before…“one investor at a time”…“maximize your return”…“identify your risk tolerance”…“achieve your life goals”…but isn’t your reality as an investor truly in contradiction to what your financial services vendor peddles?

Doesn’t it seem as though they all sound the same? It makes no difference whether your financial services vendor is a do-it-yourself online brokerage firm, a financial planner or a massive banking or brokerage institution. The fact is many in the financial services industry apply industry accepted “best practices” which is why they all sound the same.

What’s wrong with the “best practices”…after all, aren’t they the “best?” The reality is that while the generally accepted “best practices” work great for the financial advisor and their firm, these practices often fail the investor.

Recognizing this, I set out to objectively examine the very premises of the industry’s “best practices” and discovered numerous contradictions. For example, why is it a “best practice” to identify your tolerance for investment risk and proceed to position you in a portfolio to EXPERIENCE THAT RISK? Isn’t risk something you avoid if possible? Why does the industry consistently identify how much MORE you can save, but evade asking you if you would like to find a way to REDUCE your savings? Are the industry’s best practices serving clients…or the financial advisor and their firm?

Having identified these as well as other contradictions, I put myself in our clients’ shoes and redefined the premises of financial services. First, ideally what should a client’s expectation be for the value their advisor provides? At the most basic level, I am convinced investors want advice that enables them to live the one life they have, the best way they can. With this idea as a foundation, my firm needed completely new premises as our current best practices are squarely in contradiction with this.

The premises of this completely new discipline are:

1. Providing confidence in achieving the life goals each client uniquely values
2. Avoiding needless sacrifice to their lifestyle
3. Avoiding unnecessary investment risk

This revolutionary new financial advising discipline is called Wealthcare.

Few financial advisors have had the courage to challenge the industry’s conventional wisdom and adopt the Wealthcare Process, despite the obvious contradictions. However, my mission is to serve my clients, to deliver to clients what they should rationally expect from a financial advisor relationship and recognize that the industry at large may not have yet invented everything that can be invented.

I do not know if you have been exposed to one of the few advisors that have adopted the Wealthcare process. But, I know one thing. If you want to make the most of the one life you have, if you want to avoid unnecessary investment risk, spend more or save less…or if all you are looking for is confidence and comfort that the goals you personally value are not left completely to chance, then you need Wealthcare.

The choice is yours. You can follow the path of the millions of disappointed investors or you can invest thirty minutes to learn about this discipline designed around making the most of the only life you have.

So, regardless of whether you currently work with me or you have become frustrated with your current advisor and are seeking someone that can finally deliver the service you expect, isn’t it worth a thirty minute investment of your time to at least learn more about how this new discipline can make a difference in your life?

Give me a call at 321-752-5656×12 or send me an email at